Skittles Evening

Last Friday we had a Skittles evening; after some last minute issues, a dance floor was converted into a Skittles Alley, the food and drinks were neatly laid out and everything was ready for the participants when they arrived.

Ready for the Off

Phil and Gary kindly manned the skittles, being careful to avoid the inevitable flying balls and skittles, and everyone participated in a fun-filled (and at times boisterous) evening. The “Ploughman’s Lunch” was devoured with enthusiasm and by the end of the evening very little was left of the food or the drinks.

Sylvia won the “wooden spoon” in the shape of a box of chocolates (she has decided to lose every time now), and Gary, despite manning the skittle and ball retrieval all evening, won the “Killer” competition (prize a bottle of wine).

The overall winner of the night though was Geoff, who flattened more pins than anyone else (again the prize was a bottle of wine).

The evening finished with everyone in good spirits, having thoroughly enjoyed a good time and asking for more of the same in future.

Our Next Event

Our next event is on Friday March 25, same venue, same time – don’t forget to book your places.

The format of the evening will be a tasting of red, white and dessert wines, and trying to identify the cheap, medium-range and more expensive ones.
There will be a selection of cheeses to identify and a light-hearted cheese and wine quiz.

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