Wine & Cheese Tasting

Thanks to everyone who came last night (Friday 25 march) to help make another successful evening.

The turnout for this occasion was encouraging and although more would have been welcomed the number attending provided, and had, a super evening.

Eager participants

The evening consisted of four rounds of cheese and wine tasting, plus a quiz of anagrams of cheese names and a quiz with a central theme of wine and cheese related answers. The “tasters” were accompanied by nibbles and fruit in order to keep everyone’s palettes fresh and clear.

Although it wasn’t the most highly scoring of quizzes, everyone enjoyed the competition and hopefully learnt something new about cheeses and wines.

The flurry of buying of the surplus cheeses and left-over bottles of wine at the end suggested that new tastes were found and would be indulged.

Bernice and Sylvie were brilliant on the night providing a variety of wines from around the world with cheeses to match. They’re hard work and diligence brought them an enthusiastic and appreciative round of applause at the end of the evening.

Our master of Ceremony, Phil, was able to keep the evening going and timed his “chat” to perfection allowing the serving of the various rounds to go smoothly and without mishap.

Our MOC for the Evening

It came as no surprise that hardly anyone could tell the difference between the cheap plonk and the more expensive stuff. Biggest hit of the night appeared to be Vinho Verde. The cheap red wine, the dessert wines and the Roquefort cheese were the things that brought grimaces to many people’s faces

Whilst being a new venture everyone said how good it was and enjoyed the fun filled evening and some even asked when it would be repeated.

Our next event is a Quiz on April 8, these are very popular and numbers have to be restricted so get your bookings in early.

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