Quiz Night 8 April @ Fryern

Yet another successful quiz was held last night (April 8) at Fryern Pavilion. Eight tables of four met to try to win the latest accolades.

The quiz proved to be a good mix of easy and hard questions, some rounds proving particularly difficult. There were six rounds including a Picture round, a Music round, a round on Saints and a round on Metals plus two General Knowledge round. The first round proved to be the highest scorer and the last round the hardest. There were no disputes with the question master, everyone being content that where they got it wrong they got it wrong, and where they got it right they got it right.

The wooden spoon was won by The Forders with a creditable score 0f 120 out of a possible 190 (4 rounds with 40 points, one with 20 and the Picture round 10 points).

There was a dead heat for the winners on 165 points. The winning teams were Made on Millers Dale and The MacVans on 165 points each. The overall winners were Made on Millers Dale winning by a rather dubious tiebreak. The tiebreak question involved a Chancellor of the Exchequer, neither team new the answer but the MacVans had a stab, this proved to be wrong so the Made On Millers Dale won (the rule being that if you answer wrongly the other team wins).

However, very magnanimously, the winning team shared their prize with the runners up, so all went home content.

Our next event is a Film night details coming soon, but watch out for announcements on another quiz and come and see us at The Funtasia to be held on Fryern Recreation Ground in May.

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