1. Appointment of committee – all the following were elected to the committee and in addition Alan Broadhurst Sylvia Parsons & Bernice Heller were also elected in supporting roles. Others pledged active participation support but without being on the committee.
    1. Appointment of Chair of FCA – Phil Heller,
    1. Appointment of VC  Sri Kandiah ( subject to his agreement!)
    1. Appointment of Treasurer of FCA – Anne Alexander
    1. Appointment of Secretary of FCA – Shelagh Lee
    1. Appointment of Data base/Website Officer of FCA – Peter Child
    1. Appointment of co-Ordinator of Evening activities including Film Night and lectures-  James Duguid  
    1. Appointment of co-Ordinator of morning activities including table tennis, coffee and cakes, games – Bernice Heller/Sylvia Parsons
    1. Appointment of co-ordinator of afternoon activity- including Bridge, occasional talks lectures and other activities – to be covered in the short term at least by AM team.