How to get in contact:


Greenways, Chandlers Ford

Would you like to be part of a vibrant Chandler’s Ford social Group? We would like to invite you to join us, whether you’re with someone or on your own. Possibly a little bit lonely and want to make new friends, join in an activity, relax and, first and foremost, laugh? We’re open for coffee, a chat., table tennis, bridge and board games including Scrabble every Friday morning from 10 o’clock to midday. We also have evening activities including quizzes, film nights and interesting talks on numerous subjects. To find out more contact us through the following links:


Sylvia 07939 226071 – for more information on events/activities.

Bernice 0753 0906986– can also be contacted for information on events and activities

Shelagh 07778 445898– our secretary who can answer queries on all other matters.